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femslash_santa's Journal

All I Want For This Holiday Season is Femslash
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This community is based on the idea of btvs_santa. Many, many thanks to that community and it's lovely mod for being willing to share the idea!

I know what you’re thinking. Another Jossverse Christmas exchange??. Why yes, this is another one, but with one important difference. All requests and gifts must be in the form of femslash!

Why does femslash deserve its own community? Because sometimes, you just want girl!loving. Plus, the femslash community is such a great family. Why not have us exchanging gifts?

Here’s the deal. You post your request as a response to the sign-up post. On December 1st, I will send out the assignments. You can start posting the presents on December 20th. If you have something done before then that you really want to post, just send it to me at cadence_k80@hotmail.com. That way, you can stay secret that much longer!

A summary of dates:

Sign-ups end November 30th
Assignments sent on December 1st
Secret posting starts on December 2nd - just send your presents to me and I'll post them!
Non-secret posting starts on December 23rd and lasts until January 1st

Some FAQ’s…

I can request Buffyverse and Firefly femslash? WTF?

Yep, all Jossverse is good here. Any female characters from BtVS, AtS, and Firefly are fair game. Crossovers between Buffyverse and Firefly are good, too. Adore the idea of Tara/Inara? Intrigued by the idea of Faith/Zoe (like me!)? Feel free to request them!

I see there is a 800-word minimum for fics. Does that have to all be in one fic?

Nope. You can post eight 100-word drabbles if you want. Obviously, we would love you to give more, but 800 words total is the minimum.

Do I have to request/post fics?

No! You can request and give icons, graphics, vids… whatever you want!

Can I request/post crossovers?

You can request them, but only if you give other requests as well. Crossovers, even between Firefly and Buffyverse, are harder to assign.

I got a request that I can’t write and/or have realized I don’t have time for this ficathon. What should I do?

There should be enough information in the request to give you something to work with. If you really can’t write anything, let me know as soon as possible and I will try to find a back-up.

Any other questions or comments? Feel free to email me at cadence_k80@hotmail.com!

Please pimp this community to get even more people giving presents! Feel free to use this banner to pimp us!

All I Want For This Holiday Season is Femslash!

Many thanks to misery_chick for the header and promo banner!

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